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Aaron Ramsey has Arsenal title bid buy canada goose jacket in canada in sights after beating Newcastle

North London’s lobbyists for change are strangely silent. The arguments about Arsène Wenger supposedly being “past it” and ripe for replacement have been eclipsed by his reemergence as a most convincing continuity candidate.

If best price canada goose jacket outlet usa online store the chances of can someone check if this canada goose outlet website is authentic Arsenal winning another League and FA Cup double remain remote, fears they may fail to qualify for next season’s Champions League have been replaced by talk of a most unlikely title challenge.

That their sixth straight league win came at the expense of a club which womens has had 13 managers since Wenger took charge at Highbury back in 1996 only served to reinforce the case for stability.

Without being anywhere near their best, the class of 2014-15 did just enough to ruffle Manuel Pellegrini and possibly José Mourinho, too. Certainly Arsenal’s manager gave the distinct impression he would amazon canada goose parka be slightly disappointed to settle for third place in May. “At the moment we’re picking up the points, we’re showing good consistency and it’s making it very interesting,” said Wenger, who struggled to contain a smile when someone asked him if his side were the country’s best. “That’s for other people to judge,” he can you pick the most expensive canada goose parka said. “I don’t see all the games.”

Anyone watching this one would have seen a visiting side, tired after its narrow midweek Champions League exit against Monaco, score two efficient set-piece goals before doing just enough to deny an unexpectedly impressive Newcastle United a point.

Injuries and authorized canada goose outlet suspensions gave John Carver’s side a threadbare look but with Daryl Janmaat, a right-back, excelling at centre-half and Jack Colback, a central midfielder, quietly efficient at left-back, Arsenal were unable to achieve best price canada goose jacket outlet usa online store their customary fluency in open play.

Dead balls were a different matter. One constant at Newcastle since 1996 has been the team’s enduring vulnerability at set plays and so it proved here, Olivier Giroud profiting from a Santi Cazorla free-kick and then a whipped-in corner from the Spaniard to score twice.

Giroud has now scored 17 goals in 26 games and represents a key reason why Pellegrini and Mourinho have cause for concern.

If it seemed game over no one had told Carver. After a cute one-two involving the inventive Ayoze Pérez and Rémy Cabella prefaced the dynamic Moussa Sissoko shooting low, first time and right-footed past David Ospina, Arsenal struggled to weather an attacking storm full of pace.

“If you look at Newcastle’s stats, they score 75% of their goals in average cost canada goose jacket the can you wash a canada goose coat second half,” said Wenger. “We knew it was important not to let them get back to 2-1 and what happened? We suffered after that for 40 minutes.”

As a holding central midfielder, Aaron Ramsey found himself on the frontline. “It became very difficult, we were under the cosh,” he said.

“It was nervy. We couldn’t quite get the ball down. Their fans started getting behind them and you could feel the tension building within us. We did well to keep them out.”

It was the sort of arguably underserved victory all teams record en route to first place and Ramsey is bu sees a spike in canada goose jacket thefts not dismissing Arsenal’s chances of leapfrogging Manchester City and Chelsea.

“We just have to try and maintain this run we’re on, win every game from now until the end of the season and see where that takes us,” he said.

“In the Premier League strange things happen, upsets happen. We have to believe the teams around us will be on the end of upsets.”

Back in 1996 Kevin Keegan’s Newcastle seemed set to be title challengers for years to come. Nearly two decades on the north-east landscape has altered, quite brutally, and their biggest games of the season are against Sunderland.

With the Wearsiders having won the last four derbies the next one at the Stadium of Light on Easter Sunday has assumed additional importance. “When I came into the dressing room at the end I immediately started talking about Sunderland,” said Carver. “Sunderland’s vital.”

Man of the match Daryl Janmaat (Newcastle United)

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Macho diets: Black Prada Doctor Bag from Lord Falconer’s Diet Coke and apples to Charles Saatchi’s nine eggs a day

If you spent the last week gawping at Renée Zellweger’s face, trying to figure out which parts she can still actually move, you probably missed out on another drastic physical transformation that’s taken place recently. That’s right, Lord Falconer has revealed that he’s lost five stone in two years.

The secret to his new lithe appearance? Simple: all he did was exercise for 45 minutes most days.

And he mainly just eats apples now. Agatha Ruiz Prada Online Shop But if that sounds crazy, relax – he also drinks about three litres of Diet Coke every day, too.

Don’t worry about how nutritionally horrendous this might sound. The important thing is that it worked.

Lord Falconer is a mere shadow Authentic Bicester Village Prada Store Number Prada Bags Outlet Online of himself. So long as you don’t spend too long wondering what his breath smells like, or the catastrophic state of his bowels, it’s actually quite impressive.

This means that George Osborne’s day in the sun is already over. Just a few weeks ago Osborne was swanning around the Conservative party conference, showing off the effects of his recent 5:2 diet to all and sundry. But the Bicester Village Prada Refund 5:2 diet is for babies. Anyone can do it. Can Osborne Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Shoes Uk look himself in the Alex Pradas Quiles eye and know that he’s experienced the constant headaches and aggressive acid reflux of the Hundreds of Apples and Loads of Diet Coke regime? He cannot, and this is why Lord Falconer wins.

Because they’re men, you see, and men don’t like to diet unless they can also experience plenty of pointless suffering in the process. Forget common sense or sound, peer-reviewed nutritional advice – it’s far more macho to rock up to an event looking gaunt and unsteady, telling everyone in earshot Authentic Prada Bags Uk that you got in shape by licking a tin of tuna once a day for six months.

Still, like it Osborne and Falconer still have some way to go before they can reach the lunatic peaks of Idiot Diet Grandmaster, Charles Saatchi. In 2008, he spent nine months existing on nothing but nine eggs a day, as Authentic All Prada Nylon Bags Prada Vitello Daino part of a diet that almost certainly stripped his body of most of the important vitamins and minerals.

So what lessons can we learn by looking at the newly-slimline silhouettes of Lord Falconer, George Osborne and Charles Saatchi? Well, we can learn that men like to utilise extreme methods to get results. Also, more importantly, we can learn that fat idiots are still idiots even when they’re skinny.

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